At Utili-Serve, safety is our top priority.

Whether it’s our employees, customers, or contractors, our goal is to uphold the highest level of safety practices.

In 2022, only 1 minor OSHA recordable out of 398,359 hours.

From their first day on the job, Utili-Serve employees are held to the highest standard of safety.

Our employee training is a combination of classroom and jobsite experience, led by our Director of Safety. Each employee receives detailed new employee and OSHA training before joining a crew on the jobsite.

Once on the jobsite, safety is embedded into each part of the day, and each task on the site. Each crew holds a pre-job briefing at the beginning of every day, and at the start of every task, to discuss specific roles, associated hazards, and how to mitigate those hazards. On top of these briefings, our Safety Director regularly holds Onsite Safety Audits, verifying safe practices and ensuring equipment is up to date. He also provides equipment training and safety refresher courses.

Utili-Serve also regularly conducts Substance Abuse Testing, including before each employee begins orientation.

While we are proud of the standard of safety our employees have set, in the case of an incident, our management will conduct a full safety review of the situation, looking at the source of the incident and ways to mitigate any issues in the future.

Utili-Serve Safety Training

• Hazard Communication
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Hearing Conservation
• Lock Out/Tag Out
• Confined Space Training
• Rigging/Sling Inspection
• Falling Object Hazard Awareness
• Hand Tools/Electrical Safety
• Trench/Shoring Safety
• Fire Extinguisher Use
• Basic First Aid
• Proper Lifting Technique
• Injury/Incident Reporting
• Basic Fall Protection
• Equipment Operation Awareness
• Company Vehicle Driving Test