Why We Exist



Powering Society Forward
into a Safe, Connected, and Sustainable Energy Future


We place our full trust and confidence in the Lord, looking to Him for wisdom and guidance. We also have faith in our people, knowing they are the heartbeat of our success.


The Lord owns it all, and He has graciously entrusted us with each resource. We are to care for and be responsible for each gift He has given us.


We are a unified group of people, committed to our values. We aim to treat each employee as our own family, through love and service.


Whether working for a client, assisting an employee, or giving our time and resources to our community, our focus remains on the benefit of others rather than ourselves.

Since 2008, Utili-Serve has been connecting people to power. While our services range from turnkey substation construction to protective relay services, nuclear plant construction, pneumatic and hydro excavations, and even turnkey battery services, our company DNA remains the foundation of our business. Our DNA consists of Faith, Family, Service, and Stewardship, four principal values that guide each decision we make. As a veteran-owned, family-operated company, our aim is to provide the highest, safest quality of service, while also operating with the utmost integrity for each customer we have the opportunity to service. Since the beginning, our business strategy has been to count our employees as our greatest asset, and to add value to our customers with every project we complete. We are proud to be partnering with companies all over the southeast to power society forward into a safe, connected, and sustainable energy future.

Lee Dietrich, CEO of Utili-Serve